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Here is a list of resources and marketing tools that you cannot forget when you are making your international strategy.



The International SEO Checklist

A step-by-step guide from Aleyda Solis. It identifies the SEO and development potential of an internationally targeted site.

Folders vs Subdomains vs ccTLD in International SEO – An Overview

In this post by Jesper Jorgensen, you’ll find solid information on International SEO optimization.

International SEO: Where to Host and How to Target – Whiteboard Friday

This article gives more specifics on International SEO.

Should I use ccTLDs for sites not targeted to those countries?

In this video, Matt Cutts shows how to choose an ideal site for ccTLDs.



Getting hreflang Right: Examples and Insights for International SEO
Dashed line hreflang = “x” code is used by Google to offer search users the appropriate language or regional URL. David Sottimano explains why using hreflang is indispensable for International SEO.

Best practices and common mistakes in SEO
This Hangout by Google Webmasters talks about common SEO mishaps and gives some news about hreflang.

From Dejan Tools, it verifies if a site contains hreflang code. It’s very easy to use- just drop the URL in the search bar to validate. These screencaps give an idea of its simplicity:

Hreflang Generator

A free tool by Aleyda Solis that creates hreflang code specific to language and region. It also allows you to export the results in Excel.


Provides hreflang tools helpful for Spanish speakers. Nudo is composed of two tools.

The first allows you to validate the code in individual or multiple URLs. It gives hreflang, language, and canonical URL search results.

The second tool is a hreflang code generator. Choose your language and region and it will generate code to add to your site. It can be adjusted to multiple language and regions, and it also creates canonical URL codes.


The Persona-Driven Keyword Search Process

According to Mike King, personas are a way to segment the market.  The process is a combination of data building and using target archetypes.

Using Personas to Improve Spanish Digital PR

Personas help define and relate to your ideal client. This article gives strategies for bringing customers to products in human and authentic ways.


Crowdsourcing is opening traditional employee or contractor duties to an outsourced community. Tasks become collaborative rather than individual, which can speed up productivity.

A free text translation platform. It’s designed to help translate web pages and documents while teaching you a new language.



Urban Dictionary

Comprehensive guide to English idioms and colloquialisms. It’s useful for non-native English speakers who want to learn about common usage.  It’s also for great for native English speakers unfamiliar with particular dialects.


Wordreference is a slick translation dictionary and a helpful tool for performing outreach. Its forums can be particularly helpful when you’re at a loss for the right word or phrase to use.

Style Guide Template

Download an example of our style guide template.

Content Promotion

Link Prospector

Link Prospector is a link building tool. It’s designed to search for keywords and report sites with overlapping themes. It’s very useful for looking at blogs that allow guest posts or perform link reclamation.


Of the many tools for SEO analysis and prospect searching, BuzzStream stands out for its ability to collect contact information and conduct outreach on one platform. You can sift sites for email, Facebook, and Twitter contacts.


Nudo is designed to help Spanish speaking marketers contact Hispanic web prospects. It’s great for performing SEO, link building, or outreach. You can enter prospects, manage contacts, coordinate email marketing campaigns, or simply identify the metrics of a website.


Analyzes backlinks from any website.  It lets you know whether sites are linking to you or your competition, making it superb for mapping link creation strategies.

Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer allows you to observe a site’s internal and external links. This lets you know where the links come from, what type they are, and the keywords used. It also tracks popularity and authority metrics like domain authority, page authority, and social media exposure.

Keyword research

How to Win Big in International SEO: Assume Nothing (and Definitely Don’t Stereotype)
Eli Schwartz explains the fundamentals of keyword research. Particular attention is paid to its role in SEO campaigns and International SEO.
Spanish SEO keyword research on a budget
This article outlines the complete process of keyword research. A search engine’s intention, search volume, and keyword specificity must all be considered.


AlchemyAPI is a free tool that lets you find a page’s keywords, entities, taxonomies and concepts. Also shows the URL’s “feeling”- positive, negative, or mixed.

This tool performs full research only on English sites. However, partial research on Spanish pages can help you glean some strong keyword candidates.


Ubersuggest is a tool that helps you increase the volume of keywords. Based on Google Instant, it’s particularly useful for creating keyword modifiers and variations.

More information can be found in the post Keyword Research en español usando Übersuggest y ScrapeBox.


SuggestMrx is found within the tools section ofMerlinox, and it’s very similar to Ubersuggest. Simply enter a term and it will suggest modifiers for it. Among its features, it lets you specify a Google search by continent and language.

Keyword Tool Planner

This tool increases your keyword lists and variations while researching search volume and keyword competition. Learn how to use the Keyword Planner Tool inSpanish and English.

Each tool has its own characteristics. Here we make only a basic explanation of them, do not forget to check them all so you can start with all your International SEO campaign.

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