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So, who is this white guy from Mexico, and how can Altura Interactive help me reach Spanish-speakers?

I was actually born in Mexico and grew up bilingual, trading conversations between “Gracias” and “Thank You”. Growing up, I learned the important differences (and similarities!) between Latin American folks and their English-speaking counterparts.

I started Altura Interactive to bridge the gap between businesses like yours and their Hispanic customers. We’re a full-service, end-to-end, one-stop-shop (and more descriptors with lots of hyphenations) for Spanish inbound marketing.

My bilingual team all has college degrees and a common love of marketing. We know SEO, have mastered PPC, love creating awesome Spanish content and think ourselves a rather social bunch as well.

We’ve worked for smart companies like Siege Media and ________ for clients like Shopify, and you can find our work on Moz, _______ and _________.

If you want to reach a Spanish audience, don’t be shy about it – drop me a line!

But enough about me – let’s get you some more helpful info.

If you found what you just read or watched helpful and you’re looking for more information on international SEO, I’ve pulled together some other resources I think you’ll also enjoy:

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