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crucial to marketing to hispanics in the us and latam

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Creating content in Spanish is hard work, whether you are targeting Latinos, Hispanics or countries in LATAM. When a team spends time and money on creating resources that they can be proud of, it is only right that someone see them. But if you don’t have a content promotion strategy that results in links, all that work and effort is for naught.

Acquiring links and citations from websites that are relevant, authoritative, and in the same language are a crucial part of any online strategy. Despite rumors to the contrary, links are still search engines the basis for deciding which websites should rank for specific terms.

Our team of link builders has a knack for creating content promotion strategies that result in high levels of coverage and links to our clients’ content. Over the years, we have developed a network of sites and digital news outlets that are ready to listen when we bring them something new and interesting. No private blog networks here! Whether you are corporation or an agency, the work we do can go on any report with complete transparency.

Together we will get your content ranking where it deserves to be!

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Our Clients

Bruno Roldan

Director of Marketing at Shopify

Whether it has been content creation, digital PR or social media management, Altura has been with us through every step we have taken in the Spanish speaking market. They have been indespensible to our growth in LATAM and Spain, and have always gone the extra mile for us.

While we can’t provide any specific client information regarding this service, Spanish link building is so important to us that we built our own proprietary CRM in Spanish to find the best way to contact websites.
Check it out if you like, at Nudo

Altura Interactive is one of only 50 companies in the world on the Moz recommended list.

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