More Dinero. Fewer Headaches.
PPC Campaigns That Click With Spanish Markets.


A timely ad can turn strangers into customers – but only if they can actually read it. Altura Interactive creates, manages and optimizes paid advertising campaigns for Spanish­speaking audiences.

Campaign Set Up

Whether you’ve been doing PPC for years or you’re just getting started, Altura Interactive can build a successful Spanish PPC campaign from the ground up.

We begin with keyword research and competitive analysis, plotting out the competitive landscape and formulating a strategy for success.

Next, we group chosen keywords together to create logical, optimized campaign structures, from the overarching campaign right down to the ads themselves. Because we speak Spanish fluently, we are also able to identify negative keywords to remove to avoid wasted ad spend.

Working with your creative and marketing teams, we write click­worthy, contextual and compelling ads.

Campaign Management & Optimization

Already running a campaign, or not seeing the results you’d hoped for? We optimize and manage Spanish PPC advertising campaigns to earn the most revenue from your ad spending.

We continually monitor the performance of your campaigns, testing copy and eliminating ineffective ads and underperforming keywords. We test and refine landing pages, driving down the average cost-per­click and maximizing your conversions.

As your marketing campaigns evolve and change with time, we’ll keep your PPC efforts current and consistent with the brand you’re building.

Finally, we provide thorough reporting, tracking relevant metrics and giving valuable insight into where your campaigns are performing best and what could be done to improve your results.

It’s a complete solution that’s as hands­on as you need it to be.