Click with Latino and Hispanic Audiences

Keep your brand in the limelight with high-performing Spanish PPC campaigns. Grow your business with measurable results.

Win more leads

Put ads in front of customers who care with targeted advertising tailored to their needs.

Get Clear Insights

Know what messaging works and how to win new leads from your target audience.

Expand your reach

Attract Spanish leads through search, social media, display ads and ecommerce with PPC in Spanish.

Brands who have benefited from our Spanish PPC campaigns

Grow your brand with PPC channels your customers actually use

Altura Interactive helps you grow your traffic and exposure – whether in the U.S., Latin America or beyond – without breaking the bank with outrageous costs per click.


You’ll gain the insights you need to tap into channels your customers frequent, with ad messaging built to win new leads.


Trust a team who knows Spanish markets and where to advertise for maximum impact.

Start fresh or improve your existing Spanish PPC campaigns

Altura Interactive helps you create powerful pay-per-click ads in Spanish markets by optimizing keywords, negative search terms and geographic modifiers with the knowledge of a native speaker.


Every ad is carefully vetted to ensure that the content, messaging, and keywords will hit home with your Hispanic audience.


Whether you’re starting from scratch or need to ramp up ROI, we’re the ones.

Gain all the insights you need to win leads in Spanish markets

With clear, regular reporting, you won’t waste a cent of your advertising budget.


You gain before and after insights on every Spanish PPC campaign, including detailed metrics and analysis to help you improve campaign performance.

Don’t waste money on advertising your customers will never see

The Latino audience in the United States is huge – are you cashing in?

Altura Interactive helps you reach Spanish Speakers with messaging that gets results. Contact us to learn how our PPC strategies will benefit you.

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