Translating and Transcreating Your Content to Kickstart a Marketing Campaign

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OK, so you’ve decided to start marketing to Spanish speakers. That’s great! The first thing you are going to need is a localized version of your existing content, starting with your website. There are a few options:

Machine Translation

This should not be considered an option, but unfortunately, many companies think that this strategy is the cheapest, and therefore the most viable. In Spanish we have a saying: “Lo barato sale caro” which means going cheap is very expensive. Search engines have stated that they will de-index any content that is machine translated. Besides that,, it is a terrible experience for the user. Machine translated content is inaccurate, and denigrates your brand in the eyes of the user. Please, don’t do this.

Translator or a Translation Firm

If the material being translated is very literal (like instructions for a manual, or product pricing pages), then hiring a translator or a translation firm can be a pretty decent solution. But if the material you are localizing is for sales and marketing, this probably won’t be the way to go. Translations tend to be accurate within a sentence, but in many cases translating teams don’t have the context and deep knowledge necessary to write copy that is persuasive and correct for a given dialect.

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We go a step beyond translation, using a methodology called “transcreation”.

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We define this as the process of adapting a message from English to Spanish while maintaining the intent, style, tone and context. This methodology accounts for many different types of content. For writing, it means making choices about how to address the user (formal or informal), and determines word choice and tone. For visual content (like infographics), it means adapting existing research, or finding new data sets that reflect the point the piece is trying to make.

Our Transcreation process guarantees your message will be consistent, no matter the language.

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Built the base of CNET en Español Transcreated over 78,000 words, created more than 120 program reviews.

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