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Nov 1, 2013

Tú & Usted: How to Properly Address Spanish-Speakers (infographic)

When beginning a Spanish inbound marketing project, one of the first determinations that you will need to make is how to address the people you are targeting. In Latin America this can be tricky, as there are many social norms that must be followed. To further complicate matters, these customs change depending on the country, as well as your target consumer.

This infograph will help you navigate the differences in how to address others.



About Zeph Snapp

Zeph Snapp is the CEO and founder of Altura Interactive, a digital marketing agency focused on helping international companies reach Spanish speakers in the US and Latin America. His data driven, customer-centric approach has been trusted by brands like Expedia and Shopify. His work has been featured in top industry blogs like Moz, RavenTools and Outspoken Media.

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